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Sudden Muslim blockade stops Kolkata

Islamists enjoying free rein to destabilize anything

Today Kolkata perceived another development, getting increasingly common in this metropolis these days. It’s the fiery protest of Islamists at Rajabzar, known both as a well-known and infamous Muslim ghetto, located in North-Central Kolkata, boasting of the presence of 11 wondrous mosques in its vicinity in unison. Islamists were witnessed to organize a brawny, flaming road blockade to voice their protests against current killing of Muslims in both Myanmar and Assam.  

Thanks to the sudden blockade, traffic situation in central Kolkata, mainly Sealdah, College Street along with Mahatma Gandhi Road and surroundings went out of gear. Police was found to watch the vitriolic posture of the demonstrators helplessly; their sole duty being safeguarding all protesters and if necessary, sacrificing themselves while pacifying the malefactors having potency to get berserk at any time.

The worst prey of Islamic seculars were pedestrians along with tens of hundreds of other travelers, mostly Bengali Hindus, who love to watch all calamities and also personal losses from a safe distance and as true seculars try to steer clear of Islamist strong armers even letting their womenfolk be victimized. They, as usual, went ahead without raising a single finger against the mounting Muslim biasness and their imminent destruction under the auspices of existing Bengal government.       

No news channel has dared to broadcast the same save one – CHANNEL 10 – of Kunal Ghosh, existing MP of Trinamool Congress, but it was also found to propagate messages of peace among Islamists altogether.  The channel was found to show the recognition of Mamata among Muslims instead of bringing truth to light.

Will it be improper for us to inquire helplessness of police to nab troublemakers? Especially when the same police is prompt enough to throttle ideological foes’ activities?

Surely Mamata, now, like her coreligionists (?)  is elated for this success.

What’s her next diktat then? Read only – No Gandhi, No Netaji but Allama Iqbal!!!!


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